We are on an exciting journey to promote the coffee culture both locally and globally. As part of this energising excursion, we offer you a range of offers and services that you need to up your game in the coffee industry. While we help you with various aspects of the coffee and restaurant business, our services are divided into basic categories:


We LOVE helping you with your food/drinks business. Our 20+ years in the hospitality industry enable us to help you with whatever you need – be it setting up a bistro, starting a coffee house, running an eatery, takeaway, lodging, or anything else.

Our consultation and advice cover all essential topics, ranging from budgeting, profitability, inventory control, vendor, customer management, and communication. Our tried and tested formulas for success are upgraded each year so that you can succeed in the dynamic business world.


Are you struggling with marketing your F&B brand? We can market it for you on our excellent coffee platform! Yes, the initial steps of setting up any business include building the right team, structures and systems, but if you are unable to connect to your target clients/customer, you won’t be able to sell and generate revenue, right?

At Cafe Clicks CONNECT, you can bring your business out of the shadows and into the limelight. Make it visible to millions of coffee lovers both in the country and beyond. Let us help you with advertising and marketing your products/services, and enjoy the fantastic results.

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