THE PERFECT COFFEE - The No.3 Strong George is a dark roasted coffee. The dark roasting gives this coffee a full-bodied character, especially perfect for making espresso's and cappuccino's.

INTENSITY 5 OUT OF 5 - For all lovers of espresso and coffee's the Strong George is the perfect fit. These espresso beans are super strong (Strong Coffee Beans) which allows you to make beautiful espresso's!

SLOW ROASTED - The slow roast process ensures a maximum and efficient extraction of all flavours and aroma's within the bean. This results in a coffee bean showing a great expression of character.

FOR ALL MACHINES - The Aroma Club coffee beans can be used in all types of coffee machines. Automatic, semi-automatic, or even filter, percolators or similar coffee tools.

CO2 NEUTRAL - The Strong George beans are produced in a socially responsible way. Choosing for Aroma Club coffee beans means contributing to society and enhances a sustainable lifestyle.